The Transformative Power of Autumn Colour

  • by Erin Keatch

For many of us September feels like the start of the new
year, school begins, work picks up, the seasons change and the days start to become a bit shorter. Maybe summer was really busy for you and you're excited about a slower schedule, or maybe September signals the start of a much busier time!

Wherever your at, it's fun to embrace some of the colours that are symbolic with September: 

Sapphire Blue, Dark Brown, Taupe and Burgundy.

Sapphire Blue: Is said to be a colour of wisdom, stimulating concentration, enhancing creativity and promoting depth of thought. It is believed to focus and calm the mind. 

Dark Brown/Taupe shades: Brown is a very earthy colour, and because of this makes us think of feelings related to warmth, security and earthiness. It also can bring feelings of being more grounded and calm.

Burgundy: Brown and Burgundy look wonderful together, and burgundy has an intense feel that matches well with brown's more calm, mellow feel. It's a colour associated with boldness, sophistication and individuality.

Hope you have fun with colour this autumn and wishing you all a wonderful season!




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