I started Caravan and Company after the birth of my kids, who never stop inspiring me by being completely and authentically their beautiful selves. I worked as a designer in the fashion industry and have seen both sides of it, the power to create beautiful and creative pieces and the negative impact of fast fashion. With the company, I wanted to create a space where I could support women led businesses, and one of the first pieces I carried were bags made by the Indigenous tribe of Wayuu women in Colombia. Their beautiful handcrafted bags still amaze me to this day. That expanded into jewellery from women in Africa, to my latest collaboration with French artist Margaux Carpentier for the Big Cat print, that was handmade by the Wayuu women in Colombia over months.

Our goal is to work with partners that support local, empower women and by doing so help to lift up communities. All of our products are carefully curated to reflect a rare beauty and artisanship.


We are committed to slow, thoughtfully made goods.