Fall 2022 Colours and Trends

  • by Erin Keatch



Wondering what to expect for Fall/Winter 22-23? There are so many themes to choose from so let's delve into a few that we're developing here at Caravan and Company!

Above is a mood board I put together that I think captures the florals, quilts and toasted neutrals that will be front and centre this fall! Prairie goth is a re- occurring theme, and as women continue to embrace and fight for their freedoms, the notion of a witch is something to be embraced, as a figure of women's power, resistance, resilience, and folk knowledge of the earth, she is a figure of transformation. Lets finally get rid of the fairy tale notion of witches as evil and embrace them for their independence and wisdom!


Velvet kimonos are the perfect layering piece to add an element of mystery and polish to any look.

Beautiful toasted neutrals are a perfect grounding pallet to florals and prints.

These beautiful hoop earrings from This Ilk are a timeless expression of the classic floral theme, done in a simple but intricate way.

A beautiful collage of florals from Peclers Paris show cases florals in a stunning array of shapes, pattern and colour! 

Florals will continue to evolve from summer, flowing into fall in darker tones and longer sleeves but still keeping with the airy, loose silhouette , perfect for any body shape to feel comfortable in.


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